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Business Account Services

RSB is here for you, the business owner! We provide additional services that may be of help to you as you handle your business’ day to day operation.

Visa® Business Debit Card

Our RSB Visa Debit Card is fast, easy and convenient! Whether you need some cash from the ATM or buying supplies for your company, the RSB Visa Debit Card allows you to unlock the power of your business checking account in seconds! Access your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at millions of locations that accept Visa around the country.

Overdraft Protection

RSB understands that sometimes you can forget to make a transfer or deposit. We give you the capability through speaking with one of our customer service representatives to link another RSB business account for overdraft protection. Instead of being charged an overdraft fee or non-sufficient funds fee, our account system can simply transfer funds from another account to cover the items attempting to clear your account (an automatic transfer fee may apply).

Merchant Services

Speed up your receivables and provide a quick and easy way for your clients to pay you! Talk to us today about our options for credit and debit card processing! Whether it is accepting plastic with a merchant terminal or having the ability to process card payments with your smart devices, RSB can help!

Financial Calculators

Choose from a variety of calculators. Whether you are trying to calculate your monthly payment on your next car loan or mortgage, or want to know how much interest you will earn on a CD, these calculators can help you with several scenarios.

Financial Calculators 

Other Products and Services

  • Night Depository: If our banking hours are not convenient for you to make your business’s deposits, let us set up a night depository agreement for you! Conveniently and securely place deposits inside of our night deposit vault for processing the next day. Fees may apply.

  • Safe Deposit Boxes: RRSB offers several different sizes of safe deposit boxes to keep your business’s belongings and valuables safe! Stop by today to get more information, including annual fees, on our boxes!

  • Wire Transfers: If you need to move money fast, come see us today and inquire about a wire transfer! Faster than dropping a check in the mail AND more secure!


RSB is here for you!

RSB understands you need tools to go along with your company’s checking and savings accounts! Call or stop by today to learn more about all the features we can offer you and your company.

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Business Checking... Simple and Easy

We keep our business checking products simple and easy. No complicated analysis statements to figure out. Drop by or call today for more information.

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